Israel but he had evidence of their drone in Bruit explosion.Saudi Arabia denies meeting with

Pictures taken by Ali Ropoot from Helicopter after explosion.  Israel drone had a missile that is fired to do all this.  Evidence was found and I was shot for it…  I am still on the run…   Last seen in Pakistan at this time.

Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, colloquially known as MBS, is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. by Ali Raipoot.

By Ali Rajpoot    I sent time with MBS and have a great pictures to share with you.

BornAugust 31, 1985 (age 35 years), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  He truly love sport cars.. has over 35 of them like this.

This is what I look like.  Only 28 years old..

He work very hard, 14 to 16 hours per day.  He like control.

He has part owner ship in F1 w/ Hamilton driving his car.

This game is bigger than I thought, and it’s all

About money.

[8:59 AM, 9/6/2020] +92 321 1884448: If they call you and insist you to come to Saudi Arabia don’t say no but don’t come here, just say your wife isn’t well and all, moreover whatever I tell you, you keep it to yourself.

[8:54 AM, 9/6/2020] +92 321 1884448: Don’t reply yet!! I am alive.

[8:58 AM, 9/6/2020] +92 321 1884448: I got a phone and number from someone I can trust. They shot me. And I’m alive.

Ali is alive & he is not well… we are not telling anyone about his actual condition…. keep praying…. ur money is pending as I do not want to take risk…. ali will send u money from his name….. my data is leak more than I can accept…. my financials & more….

My 20 company’s data is leaked   these are my USA companies…. I need u to trust me…. but I do not want to hurt anyone…..

I do trust you… Sorry about all you are going through…

Never released:

Saudi Arabia  Riyadh November 20,2020. Speaking that ever since the Prince was a boy exploring the kingdom, he felt sad about the impoverished who didn’t get a chance.

Now, as a Prince and ruler of the kingdom, and with cutting edge technology, he can realize his longtime dream for the kingdom. Housing is important b/c it provides not only shelter, but safety, good health, quality living standards and an improved environment to feed and raise families for a better Saudi Arabia in the future.  I am working on a new technology that is untried/in its infancy. Saudi Arabia would be the first nation in the world to use this new technology on a grander scale that just a model here and there. Start with 100 to 500 homes 3d printed homes cost of 1500 sq ft. is 30k./each construction time 5 days per home.  Printed Homes.

Improved housing is just the first step for a bolder, more sophisticated Saudi Arabia. It is the pedestal for Saudi Arabia to move from its reliance on oil to a more diverse, ever-growing economy.

President Trump— loaned over 300 million to him… never hit the press.


Crown prince MBS faces fallout in Saudi-US relations after report on Khashoggi murder  Yes this one and over 50 others.
He wanted Trump back in he does not know what is going to happen to him at this point.

Homes around the world:




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One of 20 top business women in Ghana under 40

  This women has had it  tough in life,  how to run a company, with the help from an investor in the US, she founded, and runs this company in meeting or exceeding the goals set.  The concept came from the investor, but she executed it in perfection…She has not had it easy, but you would never know it… Positive all the way.  She has a daughter 9 years old. Daughter has a photographic memory, and want to take over what Mom does.

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