Start up Investing Crowd Funding How to Invest

OurCrowd’s CEO and Founder Jon Medved describes why now is finally the time for investors to get into the biggest and best VC investments, like the biggest VCs do. A summary from the 2017 NOAH conference.

How long will the chip shortage last? What does it effect?

Why is there a chip shortage? By Chris Baraniuk Technology of Business reporter Published7 days ago Share Related Topics Coronavirus pandemic IMAGE SOURCEGETTY IMAGESimage captionComputer chips plants are working flat out The tech industry is at a crunch point. Today, millions of products – cars, washing machines, smartphones, and more – rely on computer chips, …

What happened to the machines that were supposed to win the war in Afghanistan

What happened to the machines that were supposed to win the war in Afghanistan The Taliban have seized crucial US military equipment, including data on Afghans   The US military wants force fields that could stop nuclear missiles Popular Science – Kelsey D. Atherton Force fields are the stuff of science fiction, but directed energy …

Bitcoin and crime.. Crypto

Bitcoin is bad for crime,’ says crypto asset manager Alexis Keenan ·Reporter Fri, June 11, 2021, 2:00 PM·4 min read The Justice Department was recently able to recover $2.3 million worth of bitcoin (BTC-USD) extorted from Colonial Pipeline, suggesting that digital currency may not always be the best tool for criminals. “It’s not intuitive to a lot …

United Airline go Supersonic in future. 15 on order.

Shades of the Concorde: United Airlines has signed a deal to buy more than a dozen supersonic planes that could soon jet you to Europe or Australia in half the time it takes now