Bitcoin and crime.. Crypto

Bitcoin is bad for crime,’ says crypto asset manager Alexis Keenan ·Reporter Fri, June 11, 2021, 2:00 PM·4 min read The Justice Department was recently able to recover $2.3 million worth of bitcoin (BTC-USD) extorted from Colonial Pipeline, suggesting that digital currency may not always be the best tool for criminals. “It’s not intuitive to a lot …

United Airline go Supersonic in future. 15 on order.

Shades of the Concorde: United Airlines has signed a deal to buy more than a dozen supersonic planes that could soon jet you to Europe or Australia in half the time it takes now

Israel but he had evidence of their drone in Bruit explosion.Saudi Arabia denies meeting with

Pictures taken by Ali Ropoot from Helicopter after explosion.  Israel drone had a missile that is fired to do all this.  Evidence was found and I was shot for it…  I am still on the run…   Last seen in Pakistan at this time.

One of 20 top business women in Ghana under 40

  This women has had it  tough in life,  how to run a company, with the help from an investor in the US, she founded, and runs this company in meeting or exceeding the goals set.  The concept came from the investor, but she executed it in perfection…She has not had it easy, but you …

Dr. No Pain… Ready to help anyone in AZ (480) 314-2288

The Premier Pain Institute treats many patients from all walks of life, including both young and older patients. Many times, patients will come to the PPI with pain that they have been dealing with for years, trying treatment after treatment with no long-term results. Because of the extensive knowledge and priority on improving the quality …