Negotiating $50,000 N95 Masks To Battle Coronavirus

We are putting our healthcare professionals who are on the frontlines of this coronavirus pandemic at serious risk when we send them out without proper personal protective equipment. As my colleagues and I continue to treat patients we are running critically low on N95 masks. I am no Mr. Beast, but I decided to personally take $50,000 and buy as many masks as I could and donate them to our struggling healthcare system. CONTINUE READING!

As you see in the video I was only able to complete about half my order so I'd like to donate the last $20,000 to a hospital or charity that YOU deem appropriate. Please comment and upvote where you'd like to see this money donated and after 72 hours I will make the donation. Thank you!

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Jim Cramer: Buy stocks slowly, ‘we’re getting closer to a bottom’

"I'm urging you to have a lot of cash on the sidelines and put money to work gradually 'cause there may be more bad [coronavirus] stories" next week, the "Mad Money" host said.

Wall Street is in deep correction territory, stocks have been discounted and the embargo on putting money in securities is now over after a tough week of trading shrouded in coronavirus uncertainty, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Friday.

“We’ve had back-to-back days, though, where 10 times as many stocks were falling versus going up, and that is highly unusual,” the “Mad Money” host explained. “It suggests we’re getting closer to a bottom … though we probably may not be there yet.”

Cramer came to that conclusion after $3.18 trillion of value was cut out of the market during Wall Street’s worst week since the financial crisis in 2008. Investors transferred money from riskier assets to safe havens such as bonds as worries mounted about the novel coronavirus’ impact on businesses and a slowing global economy.

Cramer said investors with stock in travel, leisure, automotive and housing companies should consider offloading their holdings and building cash. Those businesses will likely miss their quarterly projections, meaning they have not seen the end of the rout in their valuations, he said. The public should expect more negative COVID-19 headlines to come out during the weekend that can impact trading on Monday, Cramer said.

“This is the time to high grade your portfolio, regardless. I want you to take some losses and move to better stocks,” he said. “I know these groups have already been crushed. That doesn’t mean they can’t get crushed some more.”

The host recommended a basket of stocks, ranging from gold to consumer staples to pharmaceuticals, that he thinks are investible here:

Barrick Gold — $25.60 per share, down 12.6% from Monday
AbbVie — $85.71, down 12% since Feb. 12
Abbott Laboratories — $77.03, 16% under Jan. 22 close
Coca-Cola — $53.49, down 11% from Feb. 21
Moderna — $29.16, 11% off Wednesday’s close
Zoom Video Communications — $105, 7.5% off Thursday’s close
Etsy — $57.81
Shopify — $463.31, down 15% from Feb. 19
Teladoc Health — $124.96, off 7.5% from Thursday
RingCentral — $235.75, off 5% from Feb. 19
Verizon Communications — $54.16, down 12% year to date
AT&T — $35.22, down 12% from Jan. 8
“I’m urging you to have a lot of cash on the sidelines and put money to work gradually ’cause there may be more bad stories,” Cramer said. “You buy slowly in stages. Next week is stage one. There will be more stages, likely at lower levels.”

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When The Stock Market Will Bottom IMO…

The stock market is insane! Down now under 20,000! The market has lost 10,000 points in about 1 month. With that being said many investors want to know in my opinion when the market will likely bottom. I spend very little of my time and attention on short term stuff, but I will say I believe the bottom in the stock market will be in 2020, and maybe even rather soon. Countless stocks may get hit even harder in the short term though, so continue to be ready to buy stocks as we get these silly prices thrown at us. I am very confident we will get out of this and we will start growing again in 2021.
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How to set yourself up to work remotely

Just a few weeks ago, 'working from anywhere' was a luxury only a few lucky people had access to. Now, with Covid-19, it is an essential skill for all of us to consider.

Maybe you've always wanted to work from home, and your company hasn't wanted you to. You now have a great opportunity to try and make it work, while doing your bit for 'social distancing' at the same time.

Our team at TomorrowToday has 18 years experience working remotely. We are repurposing work we've done with our corporate clients into an online Quick Start Course to help people affected by the Coronavirus.

This course will:

– Help your boss or employer make this transition and feel confident with their people working from home (they’re freaking out at the moment and are looking for problem solvers to help with this crisis)

– Discover what works and what doesn't work when setting up a home office

– Learn the skills and resources you need to work remotely

– Identify the common mistakes that you're likely to make, and how to avoid them

– Look beyond this crisis moment, and see how essential it is that we learn adaptive skills now as we see the world of work changing forever.

Sign up for this course, for just $19.99