UV C Light Sanitizer UV Light Sanitizer for Killing Bacteria, Viruses,and Pathogens

Why many people may not realize it UV light may be the most commons mean to disinfect and kill bacteria and viruses. Hospitals and water treatment plants use UV light as a primary means for disinfecting. The UV-C is a small UV light wand that can scanned over surfaces to disinfect surfaces. While this light is impractical for larger areas it will work smaller areas.


– Requires 4 AA which are not included

– The light appears to work as intended but the combination of size and intensity means that disinfecting any area greater than 1 square foot will take quite a bit of time. Remember the instructions state a 30 second exposure is optimal

– The light has a built-in auto-off feature if the light is rotated this is to prevent accidental exposure.

– While the light will kill bacteria, virus, and other living things it will not have any effect on chemical contamination – so if the surface has been exposed to a nasty chemical UV lights will not help.

– While the light is "Travel Model" it is still pretty large – roughly the size of a curling iron.

Final verdict – While the light probably is not practical for sanitizing large areas it will work for disinfecting smaller areas. The added safety features are very nice and helps to minimize the possibility of accidental exposure.

4 1/2 Stars

Please Note I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review #familyfun #learning #youtubekids