The Best Stocks to Buy for 2020

To get our 5 top stocks for 2019, head to

2019 has been a pretty darn good year for the stock market. In this video they're going to break down:

3:02 – 2019 IPOs
5:34 – How to make money investing in 2020
10:12 – Best stocks for 2020

The S&P 500 is up over 25% year-to-date, and I bet you noticed the bump in your retirement and brokerage accounts.

While those returns are good, investors that scooped up shares of some of the year’s hottest stocks did even better. Maybe you were one of the folks who saw their portfolios soar thanks to:

– Docusign (up 80% YTD)
– MercadoLibre (up 95% YTD)
– The Trade Desk (up 115% YTD)

These stocks are some of the best performers in the market this year, they’re also stocks our analysts recommended in one of our premium services before 2019.

Our team is happy to see their picks do well, but they also have some new companies they think could break out in 2020.

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