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Tesla Cybertruck, video drive

Tesla Cybertruck: Your Ultimate Electric Pickup Truck?by Gail Alfar, Austin, TexasUnique Design and Practicality Click here to watch video

Watch all about cybertuck click here

The first thing I thought when I saw the Cybertruck at Tesla’s amazing Delivery Event on November 30, was that it looks military tough (as an Army Veteran, I love this!) and also feels like a stunning art piece. I learned from the engineers at the factory event at Giga Texas that the stainless steel exoskeleton is also highly durable. It is a new stainless steel alloy called 30X cold-rolled stainless steel. This material is extremely strong and provides the vehicle with exceptional resistance to dents and corrosion. The 30X alloy was developed in part by Charles Kuehmann, who has been the VP of Materials Engineering at SpaceX and Tesla since 2015. The Tesla Armor Glass (ultra-strong glass and polymer-layered composite that absorbs and redirects impact force for improved performance and damage tolerance) and self-leveling suspension make the Cybertruck a formidable force on the road, or even when you plan to adventure off-road!


Safety Features To get to the event, I let my Model Y take me there using Tesla’s safety first software: FSD beta. The Cybertruck is equipped with the same advanced safety features as my Model Y, like automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning. These features are free and standard for all Tesla vehicles. The Cybertruck also has Enhanced Autopilot, and all FSD beta features, designed to keep you safe. According to a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), vehicles equipped with Tesla’s Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, and FSD beta features have shown a significant reduction in crash rates compared to vehicles without them. Sources even suggest that Tesla’s Autopilot and FSD beta features have an 86% lower crash rate than the US average. This is 3.7 times lower than Tesla vehicles without these features. When comparing the Cybertruck to other electric pickup trucks, such as the Ford Lightning, Rivian R1T, and the upcoming GM electric pickup, the Cybertruck stands out with its unique design, impressive towing capacity, extended range, and fast acceleration. Utility The Cybertruck boasts an impressive towing capacity and payload of 11,000 lbs., making it a fantastic choice when you need to haul heavy loads. The rear seat storage option and adaptive air suspension ensure improved off-road capability and ride comfort. Technology The Cybertruck boasts a range of newly engineered features, such as the highly acclaimed steer-by-wire for all 4 wheels and rear steering for improved handling, and 48 volt architecture that is ground-breaking in the automotive industry. Plus, it has a 15-speaker audio system with two subwoofers for your immersive listening experience.


Tesla’s Cybertruck Delivery Event had limited time. I chose to learn about Tesla’s redesigned steer-by-wire system, so I unfortunately missed the sound system demo. Production and Manufacturing Challenges The processes and challenges in engineering and manufacturing the Cybertruck are different than for any other vehicle. Tesla is making a significant investment in the biggest and most precise robots to ensure the successful production of the Cybertruck. I saw some robots that were so massive that I wondered how they existed on this earth! I learned that to make Cybertrucks at the fastest rate, these robots are required. Here’s a picture of one that moves the Cybertruck body from the top floor where it is made to the lower floor where assembly continues.


My Thoughts I plan to take delivery of a Cybertruck (when it’s my turn in the long queue). I want to experience the best combination of safety, utility, and technology that Tesla offers.


Disclaimer: I own TSLA shares and this article is adapted from the original I wrote for Xcelerate and edited by

@drnicomartinipaid for by

@xcelerateauto(check them out!).



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