How to Make Group Calls on WhatsApp | WhatsApp Guide Part 6

WhatsApp has added 2 new features that allow users to make group video and audio calls. Watch this video to learn how to make group calls on WhatsApp!

The WhatsApp group call features allow you to have calls with up to 4 people in them. If you try to add more people than a total of 4 (including yourself) you’ll find it doesn’t work. Let’s start with the instructions for group audio calls.

To make a group voice call on WhatsApp, open your chat with one of the contacts you want to include in the call. Tap the phone icon to start a voice call with that contact. Once that person answers your call, tap the add button in the top right corner. Select the other contact you want to add to your call, then tap Add. The contact you’re adding will be shown who is on the call already when the incoming call pops up on their device. Once they answer, enjoy your group voice call.

Making a group video call on WhatsApp is a similar process. Open your chat with one of the people you want in your group call. Then tap the video camera icon in the top right corner to start a video call with them. When that contact answers, tap the add button, and select the contact you want to invite to your call.

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