Medical Respirator N95 Fit Test Instructions 3M Health Care Respirator & Surgical Mask

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This program will provide instructions on how to perform qualitative fit testing, for half-face filtering facepiece respirators such as 3M Health Care Particulate Respirators and Surgical Masks.

Please note the qualitative fit testing instructions for the 3M 1870 Respirator & Surgical mask are the same for other 3M Particulate Respirators.

There are two types of fit test solutions for qualitative fit testing available from 3M:

• A sweet solution as found in the 3M FT-10 Fit Test Kit.

• And a bitter solution as found in the 3M FT-30 Fit Test Kit.

Either of these solutions can be used. However, certain employees may be more sensitive to one solution over the other. During this training we will be using the sweet solution. The procedure is the same for the bitter solution.

Using an N95 Respirator Mask

If you wear an N95 particulate respirator on the job, it’s important for you to know how to get a proper fit and use it safely for maximum protection. This video will show you how to ensure a proper mask fit and will demonstrate how to conduct a leak test.

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N95 3M mask: How to Wear & Remove

If you live in Singapore, you are probably well aware of the haze – an annual occurrence that takes place from May to October. When air quality is in the unhealthy range, PSI above 200, and you need to be outdoors for several hours, wearing an N95 mask can help reduce your exposure to particle pollutants.

In this clip, we demonstrate the proper way to put on and remove the N95 3M Respirator Mask.