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New Normal Life Balance with PLR – Frontend Sales Video from Fire Launcher on Vimeo.


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  • Introduction
  • Chapter 01 – The Importance Of Achieving Work-Life Balance And How To Do It
  • Chapter 02 – How To Improve And Maintain Your Work-Life Balance?
  • Chapter 03 – Ways To Redefine Work-Life Balance During The Pandemic
  • Chapter 04 – Ways To Prioritize Your Mental Health And Achieve Work-Life Balance
  • Chapter 05 – Work-Life Balance In A Remote Pandemic Environment
  • Chapter 06 – How Working Women Can Manage Work-Life Balance During COVID-19?
  • Chapter 07 – Work-Life Balance In A Pandemic: A Public Health Issue We Cannot Ignore
  • Chapter 08 – Improving Work-Life Balance: Is There Such A Thing As Business Hours Anymore?
  • Chapter 09 – Work-Life Balance & Remote Work: Tips For Balancing Work And Family
  • Chapter 10 – Work-Life Balance After COVID: Keep Cooking With The Kids
  • Conclusion

And much more…

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