How to use Skype on an iPad

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Skype is a free to use service that allows you to make voice and video calls over Wi-Fi and 3G.

Once you have downloaded the free Skype app from the App store, launch it and sign in with your Skype ID.

You can also sign up to Skype if you don't already have a log-in.

How to add a contact
Click the plus icon on the top right hand corner of the app. Then click 'Search Skype Directory'. From here you can type in the name of the person that you want to call. If you enter the Skype username of the person, you will find them much quicker.
Click on the contacts name, and select 'Add contact' and 'Send' to save them to your address book.

How to make a call
If the person is online, you will see a green tick beside their name.

To call them, click on their name or picture and select either 'Video call' – if you want to send video – or 'Voice call' – if you want no video.

Once the other person accepts the call, you will see and hear them through your device.

Options during a call
The first icon will switch on and off your video during a call. This option also lets you select which camera to use.

You can mute and unmute your audio with the small microphone button.

The next icon will let you switch between headphones and the built in iPad speakers.

You can also send instant messages while you are on your call.

Finally, the red button is used to hang up.

How to solve common problems
Following the instructions in the 'Skype test call' feature will solve most of your Skype issues.
This feature will let you record a message and hear it back to make sure your headphones and microphone are both working

Making a call over 3G
You can also make and receive calls through Skype when you are not on Wi-Fi.

Skype uses your 3G signal to make these calls however you will find that both audio and video quality will be lower.

Call mobile number or landline
In order to make a call that isn't to a Skype user, you must first top up your skype credit online. A full list of pricing plans can be found on the Skype website (

Alternatives to Skype on iPad
Fring – Free voice and video calls.
Viber – Calls and Texts (iPhone app – works on iPad)
Facebook messenger – Calls coming soon (iPhone app – works on iPad)

Skype is also available on:
– PC & Mac
– iPhone, Windows and Android phones
– Windows, Android and Kindle tablets
– Digital TVs (selected models)
– iPod touch

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