This time we prepared a ton of brilliant ideas on how to make useful and fun DIYs out of paraffin, tennis balls, straws, and plastic bottles!
Candles are the perfect choice for a handmade gift as everybody loves to create cozy at home for any occasion and to redecorate your home easily! Check out a lot of beautiful candle designs that are so easy to make! You can make candles using ice! Don't you believe us? Watch full tutorial in or video!
You can create rose-shaped candles to decorate girls’ room! They are so adorable that you can make a bouquet out of them for your friend’s birthday.
Straws are unbelievably fun and multi-functional items! Find out many incredible things you can do with them and even toys! Learn how to make a cute caterpillar from straws.
We prepared a collection of unexpected lifehacks with tennis balls:
– remove scuff marks from wood floors with a tennis ball
– if you had a long day and need to relax your feet – put a tennis ball on the floor, place your foot on it and roll the ball with your foot
– connect two tennis balls with duct tape to make a massager for your back. Put your new massager on the floor and roll back and forward with your back
– put one or two tennis balls into the washing machine when you wash down-filled items like jackets or pillows
– cut a tennis ball in a half and insert a piece of wire to make an inexpensive photo holder
Create a cute and super easy night lamp. Take an empty vase and fill with hydrogel and cover with water. All a bulb. Ready!
Don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends and family!

00:10 Science tricks
03:19 Rose candles
04:30 Tennis ball hacks
05:35 DIY massager
06:34 Caterpillar made from a straw

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