Staying Sane Working from Home – How to stay Sober, Sane and Safe from Coronairus

Staying Sane when Working from Home – How to stay Sober, Sane and Safe from Coronairus


During the Coronavirus outbreak many of us are finding ourselves working from home. This seems like a novelty at first, but after a while working from home can be damaging to your state of mind and mental health, especially if you don't plan ahead for the months you might find yourself trapped indoors.

I often work from home and have learned some tactics over the years to ensure I stay happy, positive and productive.

With the heightened anxiety around the Coronavirus outbreak it is important to ensure we take the time to plan our home working strategy,. We don't need any additional stress on top of the current feeling of uncertainty.

The tactics in this video are also perfect for anyone who is quitting alcohol, they will help you stay mindful, present, grounded and fully engaged.

To succeed in sobriety it is important we have the right tools, support and tactics around us, I share all of these and a whole lot more on my YouTube channel, make sure you SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out.

I am Simon Chapple – The Quit Alcohol Coach, I was a former daily heavy drinker for over twenty years. I used to put alcohol in front of everything important in my life, I had awful anxiety and was heading further and further down a rabbit hole I never believed I could get out of.

Thankfully, I managed to break free and I now coach other people to help them quit alcohol and find freedom.

If I was still drinking during the Coronavirus outbreak, not only would I have stripped the shelves of the supermarket of every bottle of red wine, but my anxiety would be sky-rocketing and I would be in a pretty awful state. But since I quit drinking my anxiety has faded to almost nothing and I am finding that I am pretty calm and rational about the current situation we are faced with.

If you are being forced to work from home, sober or not, this video will help set you up for success.

I hope it helps – stay safe everyone!


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