Samsung Note 20 Ultra 200 Plus tips

n this video, I will show you 200+ tips, tricks, features, and hidden features for your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a superb smartphone and it is full of deep and rich features, so that why I want to make sure you master every aspect of your Note 20 Ultra to maximize your ownership. 0:00 Intro 0:56 Part One: A Massive collection of Tips and Tricks 25:02 Part Two: Full S-Pen Tips, Tricks and Tutorial 47:00 Part Three: Secure Folder (Hide Photos, Messages and Videos) 57:49 Part Four: All Advanced Features for Note 20 Ultra 1:18:01 Part Five: Hidden Features for Note 20 Ultra 1:29:13 Part Six: 10 Crucial Settings To Enable Now 1:40:29 Part Seven: Wireless DEX Function – Full Tutorial 1:50:11 Part Eight: Hidden Movie Editor on Note 20 Ultra 02:02:31 THE END