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It’s been a week of firsts for President Trump, and Thursday was no different.
Today, the mogul-turned-politician took his first trip on Marine One and Air Force One as the 45th President of the United States.
Mr Trump took the presidential helicopter to Joint Base Andrews, to ride Air Force One less than 150 miles up the beltway to the GOP’s annual policy retreat in Philadelphia.
As he ascended the stairs up into the aircraft for the first time, Mr Trump was clearly focused on the business ahead – not even stopping to turn around and wave as is usual for a departing president.
Mr Trump touched down in Philadelphia around 20 minutes later, and when he deboarded he made sure to acknowledge those gathered on a tarmac with a smile and a wave.

He was then whisked away in the presidential limousine to the retreat.

Mr Trump wore a dark blue suit with a red-and-white striped tie from his own clothing line, held together by scotch tape as usual.

On the trip back to DC three hours later, Mr Trump invited reporters into his office cabin to take pictures and for a few brief questions.

He commented that Air Force One was a ‘great plane’ and ‘very beautiful,’ even when compared to his own personal jet.

He also showed off a new bomber jacket that had just been gifted to him for the ride.

The first walk across the White House lawn to board Marine One is likely a memory that Mr Trump will keep with him for the rest of his life