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How The Coronavirus Impacts Dropshipping – What You Need To Know

Here's how the Chinese Coronavirus may impact shopify dropshipping, amazon dropshipping, and any ecommerce field that depends on China.

Shipping, logistics, and production will most likely be delayed, since the Chinese New Years has been extended to Feb 10th (as of now, it could even extend farther if things get worse).

It is impossible to spread infection if a package gets contaminated, as the virus can't survive on its own after hours/days (who knew long shipping times could have a benefit)

Customers are likely to get irrational and complain about their shipments coming from China, which will likely increase PayPal disputes and chargebacks (which correlates with bad Facebook feedback score & PayPal freezing funds).

It is best to stay productive during this time and focus on the backends and systems in your business! If you are scaling a product, definitely communicate with your supplier directly as they may have inventory in stock or may have solutions.

Hopefully things will get better, not just for business reasons, but because hundreds of thousands are at risk. Stay safe 🙏

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