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Distillery Tour Will Let You Take Home an Entire Barrel of Whiskey $38,000

This New Helicopter-Borne Jack Daniel’s

Fans of Kentucky bourbon could opt for a Maker’s Mark tour instead.

Jack Daniel's DistilleryMint Julep

Visiting a whiskey distillery is fun, but have you ever thought how much more fun it would be to get dropped off by a helicopter Magnum P.I. style and bring home a barrel of whiskey at the end of your visit? If you have, tour company Mint Julep has you covered with a pair of expensive luxury packages that sound like a pretty good time.

The first Mint Julep experience is called “Roll Out the Barrel” at Jack Daniel’s, a multi-day trip during which you’ll be able to explore Nashville and visit the distillery in Lynchburg. You’ll be picked up at the airport and have black car service for a total of 12 hours during your two-night stay at the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville. When you’re ready to head to the distillery, traffic won’t be an issue because a chartered helicopter will get you there in a flash. During your visit you’ll get to enjoy a tour of the production process from distillation to maturation and participate in a Jack Daniel’s tasting. The icing on this whiskey cake is a private barrel selection. After you make your pick, the distillery will bottle the whiskey for you (the yield is usually around 200 bottles) with personalized labels, customized bronze medallions, a crystal decanter and a barrelhead with your name on it to commemorate the experience. And last but not least, you will have a classic Southern food lunch at the famous Miss Mary Bobo’s Restaurant next door to the distillery. There is one add-on to consider–you can order customized boots from Lucchese Bootmaker worth up to $2,500. The price for this high roller tour is $38,000 for a total of four people.

Elite Rotocraft

Helicopter to the distilleries Mint Julep

If Kentucky bourbon is more your style than Tennessee whiskey, there’s a similar tour available at the Maker’s Mark distillery outside of Louisville in rural Loretto, KY. For this tour, you can stay in either Louisville or Nashville at the Omni. Either way, a helicopter will whisk you to the Maker’s Mark distillery for a complete tour, a tasting and, of course, a private barrel selection. You can either pick up these bottles in person, or they will be shipped to a retailer for you to collect in your home state. Your distillery visit will conclude with a farm-to-table meal from Star Hill Farm at the Innovation Garden before you take to the air and return to your hotel. The price is a bit higher for this experience, at $42,000 for four people.

Mint Julep recommends booking these tours up to three months in advance to secure a date, and weekends are harder to schedule (and no tours on Sundays). But if you can score a spot before the holidays this year, there will be no need to go gift shopping with all that whiskey you’ll be brin



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