Barrett Jackson Action Opening Gala 2012 With Bret Michaels Scottsdale AZ Over 5,000 attended

Opening Night Gala 2012 at Barrett Jackson Auction. Over 5,000 people attended the event. Lots of food, drinks and music by Bret Michaels. Scottsdale AZ the home of Barrett Jackson Actions. This is the 41th year of the auctions. Barrett-Jackson Auctions started here in Scottsdale AZ. Russ Jackson and Tom Barrett organized the original auction at Scottsdale, Arizona. Jackson met Barrett through an interest in cars. The founders were Russ Jackson and Tom Barrett and they came to know each other by a car advertisement. Tom Barrett had been selling his 1933 Cadillac V16 Town Car and the most interested buyer happened to be Russ Jackson. A deal was never struck between the two men but a lifelong friendship had been created by these two car enthusiasts.
Over the last 41 years Barrett-Jackson have brought a simple love of cars to a thriving and very successful business that continues to grow with each passing year. They had seen a slump in sales from 2008-2010 and were not going to rest on the fact that the economy was sluggish, instead they took more aggressive measures to grow the company in a vertical direction. They teamed up with an equity firm and have continued to grow their shows to the Las Vegas, Nevada area where they hosted the show at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. This Las Vegas show saw profits of over $24 million which was the direct result of 533 auto sales and 50,000 spectators from around the world came to watch and bid.
In 2009 the owner of the company Craig Jackson decided to make an open commitment to bring the show to Orange County, California in 2010. In that show alone they were able to move 358 cars and had over 58,000 guests come to attend and watch the auction. The SPEED channel now has the auction on 18 hours a day of which all the coverage is live which brought profits to a level never seen before.

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