BACK TO THE FUTURE: 88 mph Is The Magic Number For This Fully Functional “Mr. Fusion Time Machine” Re-creation

Posted by Barrett-Jackson

Written by Tom Jensen


“Wait a minute. Wait a minute Doc, are you telling me you built a time machine out of a DeLorean?” – Marty McFly


In the 1985 hit film, “Back To The Future,” Michael J. Fox aka Marty McFly did indeed pose that very question to Christopher Lloyd, who played the character of Doc Brown in the sci-fi comedy.

In the movie, Doc in fact built a time machine out of a DeLorean. One lucky bidder will get to go home with an incredibly detailed and accurate re-creation of Doc’s masterpiece at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Collector Car Auction, which takes place June 30-July 2 in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The DeLorean, which will sell with No Reserve, was built by Dallas-based Bob’s Prop Shop, an NBC-Universal verified vendor who has constructed more than 40 examples of the “Mr. Fusion Time Machine” DeLorean used in the film.

Bob’s Prop Shop re-creations have been featured in numerous museums and theme parks throughout the country, including Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.


This “Mr. Fusion Time Machine” began life as a 1981 DeLorean, a California car that was equipped with a mid-mounted 2.85-liter V6 fuel-injected engine and a 5-speed manual transaxle.

As part of the conversion process the fuel injection system was rebuilt and the braking and air conditioning systems were refurbished. Other key upgrades included new gray leather seats, a new headliner and a Custom Autosound Bluetooth stereo system to stream music or make phone calls. Power windows and power locks are included as well.

The builders used the actual “Back To The Future” A-car as a reference point to ensure all of the details on this car mimic the original exactly. That includes the use of aluminum for the rear vents, external mesh rails and other parts.

The cockpit is fully functional, with “Time Circuits” that can be programmed with any dates and time. Working “Plutonium Gauges” feature moving needles and accurate sounds just like in the film.


And, of course, there is the famed Flux Capacitor that was a key component to the film car. The Flux Capacitor can be activated via a demo mode, manually, or by driving the car at 88 mph, a speed at which the GPS will trigger the Time Machine Sequence in real-time.

When engaged, the Flux Capacitor lights up, activates the dates to change on the time circuits, depletes the plutonium gauges to zero and triggers the “Empty” alarm, complete with all the actions and sounds as it happened in the films.

The “Flux Boxes” mounted to each fender and on top of the car were sourced from the original molds used to make the ones found on the movie car.

Other special features include a custom sound system that plays authentic sound effects from the movie, a key fob that plays the “Back To The Future” soundtrack and a fog machine that blows thick smoke out the back vents.


A dedicated battery system will operate all the props, radio, fog machine and lights for many hours without using the car’s main battery.

Bob Prop Shop has serious cred with the Hollywood film industry, as it is endorsed by the creator of “Back to the Future,” Bob Gale, who co-wrote and produced the film, as well as Kevin Pike, the builder of the original movie cars. Endorsement letters from Bob and Kevin are included with the car, and the sun visor has been signed by Christopher Lloyd.

Copies of the endorsement letters, a certificate of authenticity and various replica prop decorations are included. The builder will be on site to explain the functions of the car to the winning bidder.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase an accurate and detailed re-creation of one of the most iconic movie cars of the 1980s. And it will only be sold at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas.