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Emelia Tests the 2024 Corvette E-Ray as GM’s Cody Bulkley Coaches Her on the Cyclone Spin


 Keith Cornett

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[VIDEO] Emelia Tests the 2024 Corvette E-Ray as GM's Cody Bulkley Coaches Her on the Cyclone Spin

There was a lot of great information that came out on Friday’s release of the 2024 Corvette E-Ray first drive reviews but only one Youtuber had a guest appearance by Corvette chassis integration engineer Cody Bulkley who has been credited with discovering the E-Ray’s Cyclone Spin.

During winter testing of the E-Ray, Cody found that if you turned off traction control, cranked the steering wheel, and let’er rip, the AWD system on the E-Ray combined with the rear wheel drive would cause the car to spin on its center axis. Cody demonstrated the Cyclone for the first time in public on the ice skating rink at the Rockefeller Center for the reveal on the Today Show.

In this video, we see the 2024 Corvette E-Ray in Sea Wolf Gray Metallic was delivered to Emelia Hartford for her to test. Of course, the car isn’t even off the delivery truck and she is already thinking of what a twin-turbo setup on the E-Ray would be like. But that’s for another time. This is just a press car for her to enjoy for a few days, but there will always be some mischief whenever the Queen of Speed is involved.

Emelia Tests the 2024 Corvette E-Ray as GM's Cody Bulkley Coaches Her on the Cyclone Spin

And that mischief comes from none other than GM’s Cody Bulkley, who offers to coach Emelia on making some wicked spins with the car. They found a huge parking lot and doused it with water and suds to help increase the slickness on the pavement, and then Emelia goes to town, spinning the car repeatedly in her attempt to be the first non-GM’er to do the Cyclone Spin.

Here was Cody’s instructions for the Cyclone Spin:

“So effectively you’re in track mode…it’s the best mode to be in for this car. When you go into this mode, you’re unlocking an all-wheel drive balance change. It’s a more playful balance, so in this ‘system off mode,’ it’s going to allow you to have some fun, but the all-wheel drive is going to still be engaging with you to allow you from spinning out and maintain that drift.

So it goes a little bit away from ‘added stability all to time’ to ‘full-time party.’ In a nutshell really, this car just needs commitment. Give it angle, double paddle drop…full throttle, and the best thing to do is to keep throttle in because the way the all-wheel drive system works. It’s all communicating via software… the more pedal you give, the more authority the all-wheel drive gets. Just bang it off red line!”

And bang it she does! Watch the full review in which she also gives a demonstration of the E-Ray’s Stealth Mode. She loves her loud cars, but calls Stealth Mode a game changer for her as well. In her wrap us, Emelia says the car in Sea Wolf Gray Metallic is her perfect spec, and the only thing she would change is the engine and turbos.