2024 E Ray Corvette

The 2024 Corvette E-Ray Stops by Jay Leno’s Garage with Tadge Juechter


 Alex Sommers


Oct 14, 2023



[VIDEO] The 2024 Corvette E-Ray Stops by Jay Leno's Garage with Tadge Juechter

Welcome to Part II of CorvetteBlogger’s most popular series that debuted yesterday: “E-Ray links that deserve a bigger shoutout than just being included in a listicle.” When the hardest working man in showbusiness, automotive enthusiasm’s only living A-lister, the car guy, Jay Leno, is in possession of a revolutionary new Corvette, it certainly qualifies for some extended coverage!

Jay isn’t resting on his laurels, either. He brings his A-game to this episode of Garage. With a 47-minute run-time and a guest spot from the Executive Chief Engineer of America’s Sports Car, this video is no joke! Right off the bat, we join the distinguished pair gunning the new all-wheel-drive, 655-horse hybrid Corvette E-Ray down a California highway. The car looks good, and Jay calling it “arguably the complicated consumer product on the market” is inspirational to all Corvette fans and proud Americans, for that matter, but what’s most striking is the way the E-Ray itself sounds! The tried and true 6.2L LT2 V8 is joined by the sound of the front e-motor that is almost reminiscent of the supercharged whine emitted by 6.2s of old; it is, in a word, awesome!

[VIDEO] The C8 Corvette E-Ray Stops by Jay Leno's Garage with Tadge Juechter

Back at Jay’s immaculately decorated indoor acreage, the long-time host of the Tonight Show and the author of some of history’s greatest sports cars become just a couple of guys talking cars. The only difference between them and all of us in regular Corvette Land is that they have a pre-production E-Ray and a life-size cut-away model, both wearing the resplendently understated new Sea Wolf Gray Tri-Coat.

Fun tidbits fly until they hit the road again around the 25-minute mark, and that’s where they stay for the remainder of the video. That gives Jay more seat time than any other personality that we’ve seen, and, for once, that’s exactly how it should be! More often than not, when perusing YouTube, you find yourself questioning the credentials of the head talking at you; that’s never the case with Jay. He’s earned the respect of our entire hobby; when he speaks, we listen. Enjoy this one, Corvette Nation!