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65″ Sony 4K Ultra HD TV Unboxing & Overview

There are 4K Ultra HD TVs, and then there is Sony’s flagship 4K Ultra HD TV with four times the clarity of HD, more brilliant expanded color and up to 3x the brightness range of standard LED HDTVs. Breathtaking detail is depicted with pinpoint accuracy for the most natural images. The TRILUMINOS display produces the widest color spectrum we’ve ever offered in a TV. But what really sets this TV apart is Sony’s exclusive X-tended Dynamic Range PRO full array local dimming technology for up to 3x the brightness range. The range of peak brightness to the deepest of blacks is unlike any contrast Sony has ever offered in a TV. It’s quite simply the most immersive, highest resolution TV experience possible.

Four Times Clearer Picture

Four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p1. The 4K Ultra HD screen contains over 8 million individual pixels that transform everything you watch into a life-like experience. Advanced picture processing also ensures that every single pixel displays images with superb brightness and authentic detail.



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