4.2 Million for the Original 1966 Bat mobile.George Barris talks

This is a vid capture( this video was captured off the Barret Jackson website and was originally 720p but Youtube has downgraded that to 240p in the last year or so no idea why) of the live auction for the original #1 1966 Batmobile built by George Barris for the 1966 Batman tv series. This was the #1 car the car built from the 1955 Lincoln Futura prototype car. It had been owned by George since it was built for the show.. this is the first time it was ever put up for sale publicly. The car sold for the hammer price of 4.2 million but with the buyers premium of 10% it came up to a total of 4.62 million. I am now turning off comments due to people being trolls and making stupid comments not needed.. If you are a fan of the 1966 Batmobile then Awesome.. if you came here whine complain etc not happening anymore. An update for people actually interested.. 2 years ago the car was resold privately to Dave Anderson who already owns the #2 Batmobile in his collection and the car is under a full restoration back to how it was when the tv series was filmed all of the stuff that was changed and added onto it since the filming of the show has been removed and it will be back to its original state as it was in 1966.