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Hear the jet engine start and then go to high speed on the ocean. Turbine 50′ Nor-Tech Cat during sea trials and run from Miami to Key West.. The unlimiteds, often called the Gold Cuppers, are shoving the 190-mile mark on straightaway runs. Experts think a new world record of around 200 miles per hour for propeller-driven boats will be set this year.

The annual contest for the Gold Cup is the big race. Unlike any other trophy in speedboat racing, the Gold Cup is defended on the home waters of the winner of last year’s race. Miss Thriftway of Seattle won the cup in Detroit in 1956, so this year Seattle plays host. Half a million frenzied spectators will jam the shore line adjacent to the course and hundreds of private boats will be tied rail-to-rail in every available location.

After Seattle the unlimiteds will race in Detroit August 31 for the Silver Cup, an event that annually draws some 350,000 spectators. The race for the President’s Cup