Top 10 “Budweiser” Super Bowl commercials

The king of beer is also the king of Super Bowl commercials. Budweiser is by far the most prolific advertising with around 200 ads broadcasted during the Big Game. And it’s not just about quantity, some of the most memorable ads in the history of the Super Bowl were created by the St-Louis brewery.

These are the “TOP 10 Budweiser” Super Bowl commercials of all time:

10. Clydesdales "Bow" (2002)
9. Clydesdales "Separated at Birth" (1999)
8. King Crab (2007)
7. Frogs "Bud-Weis-Er"(1995)
6. Clydesdales "Football" (1996)
5. Clydesdales "Fence" (2010)
4. Fred (2000)
3. Lobster (1999)
2. Clydesdales "Replay" (2003)
1. Wassup (2000)