The 2017 LINE Chronic Skis – The Freestyle Ski All Others Are Compared To.

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You don’t even need to read this. We know that you know that LJ Strenio knows that everybody knows that Strenio’s LINE Chronic is the original freestyle ski that sets the standard for the rest of them. Its Fatty™ base and edge pack 30% thicker P-Tex and steel for a more durable punch, and its unique Early Rise™ makes turn initiation easy through all conditions. This means easier take-offs and landings in tracked-out parks! The LINE Chronic will destroy the streets with lightning-fast reflexes then maintain precision everywhere else on the hill.

Waist Width mm: 92
Length cm: 164, 171, 178, 185
Shape mm: 121-92-117
Sidecut m: 19 (178cm)
Stance mm: -40
Weight: 1,798 g/ski (178cm)
Profile mm: 2-5-2
(Tip Early Rise-Camber-Tail Early Rise)

Maple Macroblock™
Early Rise™
Early Taper™
Thin Tip™
Symmetric Flex™
Thin Tip™