Singapore Braces for Historic Trump-Kim Summit on June 12


Singapore Braces for Historic Trump-Kim Summit on June 12:

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SINGAPORE — The tiny, balmy city-state island of Singapore is bracing for a historic summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un slated to take place there in just one week, on June 12. The meeting is expected to take place in one of Singapore’s five-star hotels. The location is believed to have been chosen but not yet announced. U.S. and Singaporean government officials have been working hard to prepare for it. In recent weeks, the U.S. has sent additional officials to Singapore to assist with logistics. A Singaporean official told Breitbart News that even when President Trump canceled the summit last week, preparations for it continued. The summit has derailed Singaporean officials’ summer plans, the official said, since June is a vacation month and children are out of school. And some hotel and travel industry workers say they are stressed about the summit and plan to call in sick if the meeting takes place in their hotel because of the extra work and stress that will go into it. On Saturday, one hotel worker said she heard that four five-star hotels are in the running, including the Capella Singapore, Shangri-La Hotel, and the Jade Fullerton. The Capella Singapore, a seaside resort abutting the South China Sea, is reportedly the most likely place for a summit due to its location on an island. When asked if the summit would take place there, a wary staff member said she had “no idea.” The Trump-Kim summit is rumored to be taking place at the Capella Singapore. (Kristina Wong/Breitbart News) The colonial-style property, a former British military base, features a main hotel that is only five stories but spreads across a long expanse, with long grass and palm trees in a middle courtyard. There are also adjacent villas and manors. There are views of the South China Sea from the Capella Singapore hotel. (Kristina Wong/Breitbart News) Although the U.S.-North Korea negotiating team is at the hotel for prep-work on the summit, Breitbart News visited the hotel on Sunday and did not see any signs that the summit will take place there. Security seemed lax, and it was easy to enter the hotel premises, walk around, and take photos. Only two workers were standing in front of the hotel driveway, and they were not checking identification. A wedding took place there on Sunday, with a band playing and food arranged under white tents. Other than the wedding, the premises seemed vacant — which could be a sign the hotel is reserving space for the summit. The island on which Capella is located, Sentosa, is hard to access for the general public. To access the area, one needs to pay $6 at a toll booth and have a valid reason to enter, or enter by bus. Those entering Sentosa must pass through a toll booth. (Kristina Wong/Breitbart News) Regarding availability between June 11 and June 13, the hotel’s website states, “We apologize. There are no available rooms for your requested stay. Please check your dates and try again.” The prices for a s
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