MetLife Blimp Prepares for take off, and flying over Phoenix Az by apibestinclass


MetLife blimp preparing and then flying over Phoenix Az.
None of the MetLife blimps requires the use of a home base.
Together, "Snoopy One" and "Snoopy Two" combine to travel
approximately 120,000 miles a year throughout the United States.
Traveling with each MetLife blimp is a dedicated 14 member crew:
two pilots and twelve crewmen. The ground crew includes electronic
engineers, mechanics, licensed radio technicians, and riggers.
In addition to these highly specialized personnel,
each MetLife blimp operation requires five ground support vehicles;
to move the blimp and crew from one location to the next.

The primary focus of the blimp program is providing aerial coverage of
sporting and special events. In a typical year, "Snoopy One" and "Snoopy Two"
cover approximately 70 events for a variety of networks including NBC, CBS, ABC,
ESPN and TGC. The blimps can be seen capturing shots of events ranging from
the US Open and PGA Championship, to NFL football games across the country.
In between television commitments, "Snoopy One" and "Snoopy Two" support
local MetLife promotions with special fly overs for clients and employees.
The primary focus of the "Snoopy J" blimp program is to create buzz and
awareness of the MetLife Alico brand,
as well as to provide aerial coverage of sporting and cultural events.
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The MetLife blimp is equipped with a gyro-stabilized camera mounted on the nose of the gondola. A zoom lens provides up to 80x magnification. This enables the MetLife blimp to capture television shots that can track a golf ball down a fairway or identify the number on the back of a player's jersey.