Budweiser Clydesdale Commercial – Super Bowl 2013


The Clydesdales: "Brotherhood" Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial 2013
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Budweiser warms our hearts with their Clydesdale Super Commercial — we have the whole thing.
The ad shows off the strong bond a Clydesdale horse has with its trainer — who essentially raises the animal from its birth –at one point, the trainer even feeds the horse out of a baby bottle.
After the Clydesdale heads off the for big time, the trainer is unsure of whether or not the horse will remember him — but sure enough, the man and the horse re-unite in the sweetest and most emotional embrace possibly in Super Bowl history.
Take a look:
Celebs loved the ad just as much as we were. Funny gal Mindy Kaling tweeted that she QUOTE "LOVED IT" while Jimmy Fallon said QUOTE: "Budweiser has done it again. Well done."
The commercial actually came in FIRST PLACE in USA Today's Super Bowl Ad Meter just hours after the game ended.
Now, we're not surprised one bit… I think it's safe to say that the ad touched all of our hearts. But, I want to know what you thought of Budweiser's ad?
Was it one of your favorites? And if not, what was? Perhaps The Bar Refaili Go Daddy ad… Maybe the Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen spot for Samsung?
Let me know all of your thoughts on the Super Bowl commercials by commenting below or you can tweet me… and then make sure you go ahead and hit that SUBSCRIBE button for all your latest news in video form — all day, every day.
From our studio in Hollywood, I'm Katie Krause and thanks for watching!