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Paris, the capital of France, has an annual 30 million foreign visitors, and so is the most visited city in the world. Paris' sights include monuments and architecture, such as its Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and neo-classic Haussmannian boulevards and buildings as well as museums, operas and concert halls. There are also more modern attractions such as its suburban Disneyland Paris. Symbol of French culture, with its many monuments, the city attracts since the 2000s nearly three million visitors per year.

Paris attractions, the top tourist sites and and other interesting ideas. … Disneyland Paris… just click. Notre Dame de Paris – detail from tympanum … in Paris, plus entrance to some sixty Paris museums and attractions, including the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe The Eiffel tower – take the lift to the top, for a spectacular panorama of Paris.

Eiffel Tower
Probably the best known landmark in Europe, the Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris and one of the city's must-see attractions. You can climb up the stairs or take the elevator after waiting in the (long) queue
The Louvre Museum is one of the largest and most important museums in the world. It is housed in the expansive Louvre Palace, situated in the 1st arrondissement, at the heart of Paris.
Louvre Pyramid
The Louvre Pyramid was built in the 1980s as the main entrance to the Louvre Museum. The modern glass design forms a nice contrast with the historic architecture of the Louvre Palace.

Luxembourg Garden
The Jardin du Luxembourg is probably the most popular park in Paris. It was created in the 17th century as a private park for Marie de Medici – wife of King Henry IV – and opened to the public in the 19th century

Notre Dame Cathedral
The Notre Dame de Paris is one of the first Gothic cathedrals ever built. Construction started in 1163 and lasted for almost two decades. From the lookout at the north tower you have a great view over the city.

Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe, located at the Place Charles de Gaulle commemorates Emperor Napoleon's victories. The arch was completed in 1836, long after Napoleon's reign had come to an end. Read more…

Paris Opera
Now known as the Palais Garnier, this opulent building in Second Empire baroque style was constructed between 1862 and 1875 as one of the grandest opera houses ever built

The Panthéon, a 19th century building, was first designed as a church, but later turned into a civil temple. Its crypt contains the vaults of several of France's famous countrymen.

Versailles (Versailles)
Must be seen. France's most exquisite chateau, on the outskirts of the city, easily visited by train. Once the home to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. RER Versailles Rive Gauche

Les Invalides – Napoleon's Tomb

Napoleon Bonaparte is entombed in a fifteen-foot-tall red quartzite sarcophagus in the rotunda of the Royal Chapel at Les Invalides, a sprawling complex in the heart of Paris that once served as a military hospital and retirement home for France's War veterans. He was laid to rest in 1861 many years after his death in exhile on May 5, 1821 on the Island of Saint Helena.

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