Bathroom renovations part 2, Removing mold, ceiling, plumbing and electrical modifications

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The mold that I showed in part 1 was removed. There was some mold under the old drain that I could not remove. I treated the wood with Glycol (car radiator anti-freeze). Glycol is often used to kill mold on wood that can not be replaced*. Next, the valve and showerhead had to be moved. I made the new pipes out of copper, cut the old pipes where they came out of the floor and connected the new plumbing. If you notice, I wrapped foam insulation around the pipes. The ceiling had to be modified so as to allow the new shower's glass façade and door to fit. With that the light had to be moved. I replaced the light with 2 lights that were purchased from Reno depot. These new lights will now be on the ceiling inside the shower. They are specifically made to be used inside a shower. The light switch too had to be moved. If not it would end up being inside the shower. (that would be funny!).

*Source Wikidepia: Ethylene glycol has seen some use as a rot and fungal treatment for wood, both as a preventative and a treatment after the fact. It has been used in a few cases to treat partially rotted wooden objects to be displayed in museums. It is one of only a few treatments that are successful in dealing with rot in wooden boats, and is relatively cheap.