2018 Mercedes S Class Features & Automated Driving At CES 2017

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At Mercedes-Benz, "Intelligent Drive“ stands for the intelligent connectivity of systems, sensors and algorithms. Apart from safety aspects, the drive system also benefits from the increasing level of intelligence on board vehicles – by way of anticipatory operating-mode strategies, for example, which see hybrid models taking due consideration of the selected route in the navigation system to make the most effective use possible of the drive system, for instance. And comfort is now also becoming even more intelligent.

As a pioneer in comfort and safety, Mercedes-Benz is dedicated to enhancing passengers' wellbeing. Hence, with the car of the future Mercedes-Benz is supporting an active and healthy lifestyle with intelligent solutions.

The Mercedes-Benz of tomorrow will offer worlds of experience for all the senses.

Depending on the situation, adaptive comfort and infotainment systems will be used, for example, to reduce tiredness or stress. A later stage of development may also include the intervention of safety and assistance systems.

In connection with Mercedes me, Mercedes-Benz is also working on a holistic system to assist the user with an active and healthy lifestyle also when away from the vehicle.

To do this, Mercedes me will in the near future merge all the information that has been collected on the user both inside and outside the vehicle and will give round-the-clock tips for greater well-being and fitness.

Mercedes-Benz drivers can already actively control their in-car comfort thanks to a host of innovations (such as the ENERGIZING massage function according to the hot-stone principle or the AIR BALANCE package with ionisation and active fragrancing). The next stage will follow in 2017: the new comfort systems are to be offered in the new S-Class under the name ENERGIZING COMFORT.
High-tech Mercedes-Benz S-Class Fit & Healthy "X 222"

Regeneration and activation are the names of the two worlds of experience that will in exemplary manner enhance the well-being or reduce the stress of the occupants in the concept vehicle. The worlds of experience are both cognitive and sensory.

"Motion", the third "Fit & Healthy" in-car function, focuses on movement. In a video, the famous US physician David Agus explains some seat features, such as the Active seat and deep massage, which can be experienced in the concept vehicle, and invites visitors to take part in the kind of fitness exercises that make sense during a driving break.

Vital data are measured in the concept vehicle on the basis of actual values supplied by a wearable (at CES this takes the form of the "Health Watch" from Philips) and by appropriate sensors in the steering wheel.

The technology behind "Predictive Emergency Defense" (PED) shows how Fit & Healthy functions may also help to prevent accidents in future. The aim here is to be able to detect imminent loss of consciousness by professional drivers in good time in future, in order to prevent resultant accidents.

The researchers at Mercedes-Benz have developed a so-called "Sensor Vest" with ECG (electrocardiography) sensors for this purpose.

The so-called "Wall of Wishes" at CES illustrates by means of short films showing examples of daily routines in 2025 how Mercedes me might provide suggestions for improved emotional, cognitive and physical well-being in the field of individual mobility and beyond in the future.

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